• Don’t look back. This is the future of eye care.

    You’re looking for a more efficient system to provide eye care services. We’ve got it.

  • Doctor-owned. Meaning we see eye to eye.

    Learn more about our network of glaucoma-certified optometrists and ophthalmic surgeons.

  • Many perspectives form a brilliant shared vision.

    Find out how collaborating with our optometrists will improve your efficiency.

  • Never lose sight of what’s important.

    Feel comfortable knowing your referred patients
    are in good hands.

Why partner with VergeAlliance?

The solution was staring us right in the eye.

VergeAlliance is a national network of glaucoma-certified optometrists and ophthalmic surgeons dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective vision care

We embrace “well-care”—not “sick-care”—by proactively maintaining patient health. Our integrated model utilizes qualified eye care providers to create solutions of value, well-being, and sustainability.

We’re doctor-owned, patient-focused, and guided by a fundamental purpose: to create a better health care system, so that everyone can enjoy the emotional and financial security that accompanies healthier living.

You call it being prepared. We call it being farsighted.

The VergeAlliance operating model is designed to accomplish the basic tenets of the Affordable Care Act: affordability, accessibility, and quality outcomes.

Our patient care protocols direct patients to the most appropriate and cost-effective provider, eliminating duplicate procedures, streamlining referrals, and improving patient satisfaction.

It’s a total eye care solution.

The scope of optometry is expanding. And so can your practice.

The role of optometry is becoming more crucial in the evolving health care landscape. But with this shift comes a new set of refreshing opportunities and perplexing challenges. 

VergeAlliance is a partner that helps you navigate this ever-changing marketplace by delivering additional patients to your practice.

Maximize the impact of your time and expertise.

There’s a special kind of satisfaction that only comes when you employ your full expertise to solve a complex problem. VergeAlliance empowers its ophthalmic providers with more opportunities to achieve this feeling of success within their practices.

Quality referrals from our medical optometrists mean you spend more time treating vision issues requiring your specific skill set.

Refer your patients to eye care specialists with 20/20 confidence.

Changes to educational curriculums. New technologies and legislation. Mydriatics. The use of therapeutic agents. All of these factors contribute to the expanding capabilities of optometry. VergeAlliance leverages these changes. Because we understand that the ultimate responsibility for patient health rests with you, our network commits to treating your patients with timely and quality care while keeping you informed.

It all comes down to this: we’re here to improve the way eye care is delivered today.

Now that you know a little more about VergeAlliance, it’s time to take a look ahead.